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Jo Malone Birch & Black Pepper Cologne

If you like such a fragrance that can help you to make a grand entrance, Birch & Balck Pepper Cologne by Jo Malone would be the best pick for you. This fragrance is masculine, so most of the girls might stay away, but for those who like to be bossy and wear men’s perfume can give it a try. Because it’s best for the daring and bold nature person. Let’s have a look at the composition of this cologne

How Is the Smell of Birch & Black Pepper Cologne?

After pronouncing the name, you might have guessed the smell of the cologne. The blend reminds you of the spicy, woody and green accords. The blend is too perfect to make it magical. The strong and Zesty aroma of Jo Malone’s Birch & Black Pepper, are able to awaken your senses.

Notes of Birch & Black Pepper Cologne

The opulent mix can turn the heads in public. Let’ us see what are the ingredients behind this rich fragrance

Top Notes: Black pepper, Cardamom, Mandarin orange

Middle / Core Notes: Birch, Patchouli

Base Notes: Black ink, Vanilla and Gurjan balsam

All of the ingredients create a magical spell to attract the people around you like a magnet.

The longevity of Jo Malone Birch & Black Pepper Cologne

The smell of this cologne is woody, smoky dark, and each of the notes sings together to make it strong really strong, but the longevity of the cologne is fine. They could have made it last a little longer. If we talk about the projection of this cologne that is quite good.

Who Can Wear This Jo Malone Birch & Black Pepper Cologne?

Only labelling a perfume/ cologne as masculine or feminine can’t put the restrictions on the wearer. The sense of scent is the major deciding factor for anybody. As per the perfume nomenclature, no perfume is masculine or feminine. It’s up to the wearer which type of fragrance he/she wants to wear.


This Jo Malone Birch & Black Pepper cologne is strong and woody. It’s a sure shot smell to tun the heads in-crowd, make able to get you a grand entry. So whoever likes to be bold and dominate the party can wear this cologne.

What Is The Perfect Occasion To Wear The Birch & Black Pepper Cologne

The sense you get after applying the scent tells you the perfect occasion to wear that particular scent. In the case of Jo Malone’s Birch & Black Pepper cologne you get the sense of boldness, a sudden confidence boost, strong masculine smell, that can give you remarkable entry.


So, the perfect occasion would be party or date night to feature the best & sexiest version of you.

Who Discovered This Legendary Cologne?

The cologne was released in 2015, this confidence-inspiring cologne was created by master perfumer Christine Nagel and was launched by the Uk designer Jo Malone.

Before being a famous perfumer, Jo Malone was a florist, and then she moved to the beauty industry and became a beautician. That was a turning point in her career. There she learned that she has a special talent for mixing and blending beautiful smells. In no time her passion crafted her one of the best perfumers of the fashion industry.





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