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Cologne By Lamborghini

Tonino Lamborghini is an Italian company known best for its luxurious vehicles, it was founded in 1963. In the late 1990s, the company hopped into the fragrance market. And the sophistication which they use in their vehicles, glimpse of that sophistication can be seen in the fragrance as well.

Most of their fragrances are inspired by the brand’s vehicles. Today we will talk about two cologne from this brand: Lamborghini Acqua Cologne, Lamborghini Sportivo Cologne. We will discuss their characteristics, similarities, and differences. And if you are thinking to get one of them then today the riddle will be solved.

Lamborghini Acqua Cologne Vs Lamborghini Sportivo Cologne

Both cologne is crafted for men, this is the main similarity between both smell. Further, we will understand the difference in the notes of cologne and longevity, sillage and many more parameters to test on. So let’s get started




Lamborghini Acqua Cologne

Lamborghini Sportivo Cologne

Smell Type

Complex, sophisticated

Striking and aromatic

Fragrance Type



Top Notes

Citrus, Green notes, spicy

Citrus, spicy


Citrusy yuzu, clary sage, cardamom

Bitter orange, Cardamom, and pimento

Middle / Core Notes

Tart, spicy notes

Green, floral notes


Granny Smith apple, nutmeg

Black tea, Sage, and Lavender.

Base Notes

Woody notes

Sweet and woody notes


Cedar, tonka bean, and sandalwood

Vetiver, Cedar, Labdanum


Moderate (up to six hours)

Moderate (up to six hours)


Moderate, within an arm length

Enormous fills a room


Too much versatile


Perfect Time to wear


Daytime and nighttime

Perfect Season to wear

All seasons


Invented year







If you go through the above differentiation between both cologne, Lamborghini Acqua Cologne, Lamborghini Sportivo Cologne, then you will feel like both of the cologne share the same DNA. Almost all the ingredients are similar. Both are timeless and can be worn in any season. Both won the hearts of millions.


Many fans have said that they feel a citrus bomb for the first 5 minutes but later on it becomes the most favorable smell for them. If you own a view about this perfume than you can definitely write to us, we are eager to listen to you.

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